At TRAVELR, we empower people to discover the joy of solo travel and explore the world with no fear.

It is a big, big world and there is an endless list of places to see, foods to eat, and wonderful people to meet—it is such a shame that many miss out on new experiences because they fear to be a “stranger in a strange land”. We want to help everyone feel that they “belong anywhere” and find a community they will feel at home wherever they may be.

We strongly care about safety and inclusivity. That’s why we connect people in groups rather than 1 on 1, to ensure that we are creating a comfortable environment where everyone can interact and become part of the community.

Although we are currently focusing on the Japanese market solely to create high-quality experiences for users, our long-term vision is to see the expansion of this platform to consumers around the globe.

With TRAVELR, we hope you’ll travel more freely and frequently, be it solo or with friends.

Traveling solo—where it all started

Our founder, Ema, is an avid traveler who has traveled to over 20 countries across 5 continents, many of which were solo trips. Traveling solo pushed Ema out of her comfort zone and gave her the opportunity to meet people from different corners of the world.

According to her, traveling is “one of the most important self-investments one could make.” She believes that her experiences in solo travel have exposed her to the various cultures and continue to broaden her perspectives. “Besides,” she claims, “sometimes, in order to see more of the world, you can’t always be waiting for others to come with you”.

Traveling solo allows you to travel where you want, whenever you want.

Challenges of solo traveling

Solo travel offers an array of incredible experiences and unforgettable memories, but it has its downsides too. It can be very intimidating and isolating, especially in the cases of female travelers where there can be many instances of feeling unsafe when alone.

Solo travel can certainly be more enjoyable and accessible to travelers if there was an easier way to meet people and join in on the adventure. Sure, exploring cities or relaxing at the beach by yourself might be fun, but some activities are way more enjoyable when done with others, such as food-tripping or going to a theme park.

TRAVELR: the answer to your solo-travel problems!

Do you feel like you’ve tried every option out there to meet like-minded travelers or locals at your destination, but none of them turned out to be quite what you were looking for? Many applications let you meet other people, yes, but most of them require you to reach out to other users individually—which is not only inefficient but also exposes you to other travelers who could have motives other than just hanging out as friends.

After Ema started sharing these issues to her friends and other travelers she met, she discovered that many people had the same concerns. So, she decided to build the solution herself.

With TRAVELR, you’re just one click away from meeting your new group of friends. You might be traveling alone but that doesn’t mean you have to be solo all the way!

Be a TRAVELR and find your community in Tokyo today.

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