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Top 10 Meetup Groups in Japan

10 Best Meetup Groups in Japan

Whether you are a solo traveler or visiting with your friends, Meetup is one of the best apps you can use to join local communities and experience Japanese culture while traveling. Be it for exciting food trips or unique cultural adventures, there’s always a group for you.

Here’s the list of the 10 best meetup groups to make the most of your time in Japan.

10 Best Meetup Groups in Japan: Our Picks!

1. Welcome Tokyo | Tokyo Hang Outers

If you know a bit of Japanese language and are willing to improve your Japanese or do not mind speaking English with those who are learning, Welcome Tokyo and Tokyo Hang Outers is for you. They host a lot of language exchange events almost every day across the city and travellers seeking to learn the language is very much welcome!

Activities: Language Exchange
Time: Every Day
Location: Shibuya / Harajuku / Kanda / Takadanobaba

2. Japan Solo Travelers by Travelr

Traveling solo? Japan Solo Travelers is a meetup group that supports all solo travelers in Japan. Join their weekly Karaoke night at the heart of Tokyo, Shibuya to meet new people, explore the city, and share tips! Most people join the event by themselves, have awesome fun, then make great friends by the end of the night!

Activities: Karaoke Nights / Izakaya / All You Can Drink
Time: Weekly
Location: Shibuya

3. Japan international Meetup | The International Meetup - Cotowa

Day trip is surely a great way to explore the country and in Japan, you’ll never run out of day trips wherever you are. These apps offer intriguing experiences often included in most travellers’ bucket lists, such as Kawagoe walk and onsen trip to the outside of Tokyo.

Activities: Day Trip / Onsen / Snowboard / Sapporo Snow Festival / Atami / Photo Walk

4. Emblem Hostel Nishiarai

There are too many hostels to choose from in Tokyo, but there is definitely nothing like Nishiarai’s Emblem Hostel. The chic hostel serves special lunch burgers that draw a lot of local people and travelers. This cozy place is working a lot on hosting social events such as Karaoke nights and weekend socials. This is not a place to miss for those keen to meet new people!

Activities: Karaoke Nights / Socials
Location: Nishiarai

5. Japanize

Looking for some unusual experiences? Japanize is a Meetup group for Japanese traditional events, and Japanese bamboo flute Shakuhachi concerts are one of their regular events. Check out Japanize if you are interested in workshops, festivals, and events showcasing traditional Japanese culture.

Activities: Shakuhachi / Traditional Festival / Workshops

6. SOGO Fitness

Staying fit while on vacation in Japan can be challenging, just think of all the yummy local eats that are just everywhere. Lucky you there’s SOGO Fitness! SOGO Fitness is the largest open international fitness community in Japan run by volunteers. SOGO hosts over 10 different weekly events, as well as several seasonal events and weekend retreats. Their wide range of events and activities includes running, yoga, bouldering, workout bootcamps, and even acro yoga and meditation! Anyone is welcome to participate, so feel free to bring a friend or come and just make some new ones!

Activities: Fitness / Outdoor Activities

7. Tokyo Vegan Meetup

It is not easy to be vegan and find vegan options in Tokyo—unless you join Tokyo Vegan Meetup. This group gives you an opportunity to meet other vegan people and opens the doors to lots of vegan options you probably haven’t heard about. Join Tokyo Vegan Meetup to share tips and explore Tokyo’s vegan restaurants with others!

Activities: Food & Drinks / Socials

8. Board Games and Activities in Tokyo

Socializing at bars is fun, yes, but it could be exhausting sometimes. If you are looking for a lowkey yet fun option, Board Games and Activities Tokyo is the community for those into board games! Join to play different kinds of games while sharing your favourite board games with others and making new friends!

Activities: Board Games
Location: Nakameguro

9. Tokyo Comedy Meetup

Don’t worry, Tokyo does have a lively English comedy scene! Tokyo Comedy Meetup organizes English comedy nights and open mic nights at several pubs around Tokyo every week. Join this group for a great dose of laughter and good times with good people!

Activities: Comedy / Open Mic Nights / Stand-Up Comedy
Time: Every Week
Location: Pubs

10. Tokyo's Craft Beer Scene

Sake isn’t the only drink worth traveling to Japan for! With Tokyo’s expanding craft beer scene, you’ll miss a lot if you don’t give the city’s local concoctions a try. This group is for anyone who is interested in the craft beer scene in Tokyo, from drinkers to brewers and from first-timers to seasoned pros. It’s a private group and you will need to answer a few questions to join, but hey, it’s so worth it! If you like to drink and are looking for some unique brews, put Tokyo’s Craft Beer Scene on top of your list.

Activities: Craft Beer / Burger
Time: Every Week
Location: Pubs

Excited yet? Include some of these popular meet-up groups in your to-do list when you visit Tokyo for a wonderfully fun time with locals and other travellers like you. Let Travelr be your guide in Tokyo and introduce you to new experiences and new friends!

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